Xianyang Normal University is a province-owned university featuring undergraduate teacher-training. Founded in May 1978, Xianyang Normal University was originally named Xianyang Special Training Department of Shaanxi Normal University and later renamed Xianyang Teachers’ College in December 1978 through the ratification of the Ministry of Education. In May 2001, Xianyang Teachers’ College merged with Xianyang Education Institute and upgraded into Xianyang Normal University. In

    October 2004, Xianyang Branch of Shaanxi Radio and TVUniversity was integrated as well.

    The university is located in the historically and culturally famous city—the City of Xianyang, covering an area of more than 680,000 square meters of land with the residing area over 440,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is ¥708 RMB million with that of instruments and appliances being ¥121 RMB million. The university now enrolls students from 28 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government) and autonomous regions. More than 16,000 students reside on the campus with the number of exchange students being over 50. The number of students who are studying for their continued education is more than 6,000.

    Our university is made up of 19 schools (departments) and 28 research institutions. There are currently 54 undergraduate majors, of which 19 majors are teacher-training ones and 35 non-teacher-training ones. The three-year program covers 23 majors. All the majors cover such nine disciplines as literature, science, history, law, pedagogy, economics, engineering, administration and art. Currently there is one prominent major at provincial level, six provincial level teaching teams, five provincial level construction sites for feature majors, 17 provincial level classic resource-sharing courses, four provincial level creative experimental zones of talent fostering mode, five provincial level model centers of teaching demonstration, four pilot projects of comprehensive reformation of majors at provincial level, one pilot project of comprehensive reformation of majors at national level and 49 training programs for college students’ innovation and career initiation at national level. In recent years, seven provincial level awards have been won in terms of teaching achievement. Shaanxi Provincial Social Sciences Popularization Base is set up in our university. Also established in our university are Teacher Training Center of Xianyang City and Yangling Demonstration Zone, Xianyang City Cadre Training and Education Base, and Xianyang Development Research Academy.

    The number of staff is 1,100, of whom 698 are full-time teachers. The number of high-ranking professionals including professors and associate professors is 233. 609 full-time teachers are PhDs and Masters. Four teachers entitled excellent national talents enjoy special allowances from the State Council. Forty-eight teachers are honored one or more of the following reputations: Shannxi Provincial Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, “Shaanxi Talents”, “Science and Technology New Stars”, Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents in Science and Technology Innovation, Assessment Experts of Science and Technology Prize, or became members of “One Hundred Talents Program”, or Social Science League, etc. Eight teachers are honored one or more of the following reputations: Xianyang Municipal Trans-century Leading Talents in Academics and Technology (Batch No. 4), Top Talents in Science and Technology, Experts with Outstanding Contributions, and Three-Five Talents.

    The university is active in scientific research activities and its capacity in science and technology keeps improving. In recent years, the university hosted 24 national level research projects, 237 provincial or ministerial level projects, and 257 municipal level projects. The following disciplines are gaining a measure of favorable advantages, such as Historical Geography, Ancient Mausoleum Culture in Central Shaanxi Plain, Photochemistry Analysis and Electrochemistry Analysis, Attrition Materials, High-Loaded Charge Particle Physics, Scales Transformation Theory of Electromagnetic Field, Ancient Literature, Children’s Literature, Differential Calculus and Manifold Theory, Wavelet and Image Processing, Basic Mathematics, Teacher Training, Marxist Theory, Administration of Grass-Roots Society, Regional Resources And Environment, Tourism Development and Planning, Folk Art and Culture in Central Shaanxi Plain, The Tang Dynasty Tomb Mural Paintings, Dance with the Accompaniment of Music in the Qin and Han Dynasties, and Study Of Yu Youren’s Calligraphy. Chinese History (Historical Geography) is a provincial level prominent discipline. “The Research Center of Mausoleum Culture in Ancient Times in Central Shaanxi Plain” is the key research base of philosophy social science for Shaanxi (colleges and universities). Journal of Xianyang Normal University was initiated in 1986. It has obtained the titles of “An Excellent Journal of Social Science in Colleges and Universities” “Prize of Excellent Science and Technology Journal” “Prize of Excellent Editing and Publishing” of Shaanxi Province as well as “Prize for University Journals of Social Science in China for Their Excellent Columns”. Among all the columns, the column of “Study of Culture and History in Qin and Han Dynasties” has consecutively won prizes for university journals of social science in China and Shaanxi for their excellent columns”. The society journal of China “Qin and Han” Historical Society, Studies of the Qin and Han Dynasties, which is to an extent influential in China, is compiled and published by the editorial office of the university.

    The university adheres to the policy of running our university openly and of stressing the scientific and technological communications and cooperation with foreign institutions. Our university has established friendly and cooperative relationship with more than 30 institutions of higher education, scientific research institutes and organizations from a dozen countries, such as the United States, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan as well as those from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The following programs are carried out: voluntary service program to teach Chinese in the Philippines and Thailand, the program to teach in kindergartens in Singapore, the program to go to East Asia University in South Korea for peripatetic study, exchange student program, and the practicum program to go to Thailand for Teaching Chinese. The “2 2” and “3 1” double degree program provides students with the platform for their study, practice and practicum. Since 2001, the university has appointed more than 100 foreign teachers from 10 countries to teach in our university. Our university has sent over 130 teachers and students to go abroad for international visits, further study and academic exchanges. In recent years, the number of overseas exchange students who have finished their studies in our university totals over 130.

    For the past 40 years, the university abides by the fine tradition of normal education and sticks to the university-running philosophy of “serving the locals and leading the development of the society”. The university has determined the university-running orientation of “the establishment of an applied mode university featuring teacher-training, with multiple disciplines and levels for serving the development of economic society.” The university has

formed the university-running guideline of “serving the economic society as its guide, talent fostering as its foundation, discipline construction as its breakthrough point, the improvement of quality as its core, the upgrading of level as its mainstay, and innovation and reformation as its motivation.” The University is active in practicing the university motto of “virtuousness and eruditeness” so as to constantly upgrade the teaching quality and university-running level.

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How is the transportation system from the university to the airport, Xianyang Railway Station, city proper and Xi’an?

Answer: If you want to go from Xianyang Normal University to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, you can either take a bus going straight to the airport or take a taxi.

If you want to go from Xianyang Normal University to Xianyang Railway Station, you can take Bus No. 8 or No. 10 outside the campus, or take Bus No. 6 at the Wenlin Road crossroads, or take a taxi......

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